The Kennel Club in the Dog House

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The Kennel Club in the Dog HouseOn the 23 February this year we published a post titled “Two Weeks To Crufts 2014“, and in our usual manor created a related image with our trademark Jack Russell dog, the image had him holding a Crufts ticket.

Imagine our surprise when we noticed our created image appear on the front page of The Kennel Club website, further investigation and they had also used it on the Crufts website!

We attempted to talk to the department within The Kennel Club who authorised and published our Intellectual Property without our consent, however we were brushed off, blocked to speak to anyone involved, any director and the existents of any legal department was denied.

This bully tactics was unacceptable and changed our intention, where we would have simple asked them to remove it or credit us with a link back to our website we decided to invoke legal action against them, I applied to the courts to recover £1,265 the “off the shelf” cost of a similar image of the same size and usage from leading stock photo agency Getty Images.

The Kennel Club had no option but to pay up and send a cheque for the full amount from the legal department (We thought they said they didn’t have one!  The dirty damn liars!).

When we wrote directly to the Chief Executive, Rosemary Smart informing her that we had issued a legal claim against The Kennel Club and they could expect notice from the County Court she very quickly (within a matters of hours) arranged for the stolen image to be removed from their sites, but still to this day, a whole month on hasn’t even bothered to respond or apologies for her companies theft.

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